ESR use is on the up...and Manager Self-Service is taking off too.

Since the new ESR portal was launched last September, almost 92 per cent of colleagues have used it to look at their payslips, access their training requirements or record absence. As part of the changes, a new Manager Self-Service element is being rolled-out – and the ESR team are asking managers to feed back in a short survey.

So far, all areas except the Medical Division and Surgery & Anaesthetics have Manager Self-Service. Dates for their rollout will be given as soon as we’ve reviewed the survey results.

Managers can still complete the survey here. It will tell us what works well and what we need to do before the final part of the roll-out of ESR Manager Self-service in the Trust. Please complete the survey by Saturday 21st July.

Here are some of the anonymous comments received about the training managers have been receiving and their use of ESR:

  • Recording annual leave is one of the easiest things.
  • I just need to get used to it as it takes quite a lot of time.
  • It has been a fantastic improvement. I love the system. 
  • Being able to see absences etc. on one page to help with reporting staff figures helps
  • I find it very easy though some of my staff need more encouragement
  • Great training programme and the team have been fantastic in helping fine tune our hierarchy and providing help when needed, which has made the process a really positive experience.
  • Although the training was very good; there are always problems with using any new system, so having the back up to ask questions or affirm that you are doing something correctly is vital.

ESR update – stats and information

Absence – all absence is recorded in the ESR system. It is automatically transferred from the Health roster if applicable, so nothing extra to do. Click here for a guide to logging absence including holidays and sickness.

And a reminder: sickness absence is no longer submitted to payroll via spreadsheets.

Training- Overall training requirements in ESR are 88% completed. That’s a whopping 101,000 training activities completed out of the 115,000 required. You can read more about essential training on our intranet page.

Appraisals - 4600 appraisal dates for the 2018-2019 season have been recorded through ESR manager self-service, 94.8% Trust-wide appraisal compliance.  Click here for a guide on appraisals.

Business Intelligence (BI) – it’s all about the data

There are currently some problems exporting data. Please do persevere or contact us for support on Huddersfield 34 3462.

Our suite of reports provides managers with 26 dashboards full of graphs, tables, lists and figures about the workforce measures for the staff they manage.

The BI team will be running workshops to help managers get the most out of the data look out for your Divisions sessions – we’ll be sharing the dates soon as we have them.

You can see how to look at individual staff member information here as a manager.