Long Service awards for Carol Gill - hailed once a leader always a leader.

Carol Gill was presented with her Long Service award at a meeting of divisional colleagues who hailed her leadership qualities. 

It was presented at CHFT because Carol moved from Airedale in 2015 and had not yet been recognised as a long service recipient.

Here's more about Carol:

Carol began her career in the NHS in 1978 as a clerical officer after completing her A-levels. This was in Bradford District Care Trust, where she stayed in the role for eight years.

She then decided that she would like to work clinically when her children had all started at school. Carol moved into a HCA role on the District nursing team in the same trust. The geographical patch covered by this team was huge, out to Ilkley, Keighley, Halifax, Bradford. Carol progressed in this role, and others around her saw untapped potential, encouraging her to go and completed her RGN nurse training which she did at Huddersfield, again on the district.

In 1992 Carol completed her RGN training, and became a district nurse in Bradford and Airedale Trust. Carol’s teams went from strength-to-strength, and under her leadership, they were ranked in 1st position for three years running. This led to management realising where Carol’s real strengths lay, and her role became taking on caseloads/teams that were under-performing, and turning them around. She would do this for many years, moving from one caseload to the next, leaving a trail of improvement and positivity behind her.

In and amongst these years, Carol also led on specific projects within district nursing.

These projects saw her reap Manager of the Year award for 2010 for the Trust.

She also won the Tracy Thompson Shaw award for innovation

She came 2nd place in the country in 2012 in an RCN national competition for innovative work she did in care homes. All-in-all a real achievement and testament to Carol’s dedication to district nursing and to the patients’ in her care.

In her final years at Bradford and Airedale, Carol was the Assistant manager for the District nursing relief team.

THEN, in 2015, Carol had a change of direction, and decided she wanted to focus on patient care, and less on the politics of being a manager. So Carol joined the Stroke therapy team here at CHFT as a rehabilitation assistant. Carol brought with her a wealth of experience, along with a real dedication and passion to learn new skills specifically needed for rehabilitating patients who have had strokes.

Carol’s organisational skills keep the whole team in check, and we would all be lost without her!

Thank you Carol!