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Issue 177 | 28th June 2018

Bumper Birthday cards, bunting and a Bishop... but will Jammal's lobelias flower in time?

Thursday is NHS70 and we've a fab day and build-up to it planned in our hospitals and in our community settings.  Monday is the start of the week's celebrations and we've selfie frames from Monday onwards to pass around so colleagues get in the mood from the start of this momentous week.  There's road banners and roadside banners going up too. 
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Owen at No 10 and why no-one was taking his CHFT badge off him

Our CEO was among the guests at No 10 celebrating the 70th anniversary of Windrush last Friday. Here's he tells us all about it. 
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World Cup update: Serbia smoothies, free Wireworks BBQ and a sensational keepy- uppy effort

So we're now getting down to the final 16, colleagues.  It's been an amazing campaign so far with some stunning displays of support in all areas right across the Trust.  If you're out - like Serbia and Ward 6 yesterday - keep your decorations up as we will be having a competition to find the best-dressed World Cup ward or area at CHFT. 
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One CHFT for the NHS70 TV cameras and Wainhouse Tower to be lit up

   Theatre 5 team at CRH are set to be the telly highlight on local news coverage of NHS70 next week.   Next Thursday - the day of the actual anniversary -  our teams and colleagues in Yorkshire Fertility, Maternity and Radiology will be the stars of Calendar's afternoon and teatime prime time bulletins. 
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It's De-clutter time again - Dump-It Don's favourite time of the year!

   All next week at both sites between Monday 2nd and Friday 6th July  Estates and ISS colleagues  are  supporting a trustwide clear out.  We're targetting the big stuff such as unused furniture and equipment and generally large items which are getting in the way.  read more

Our financial challenges and new opportunities for addressing them

   This financial year the Trust has agreed a financial plan with our regulators, which means we will be £43m in deficit at the end of March 2019.  It is vital we find ways of generating extra income, or reducing our spend and we want to focus on how we can do this and involve our commissioners (our local CCGs) in the process.  read more

Celebrating Success - three weeks to deadline

Thursday July 19 is the deadline for this year's Celebrating Success - that's just three weeks away.  So don't fall foul and miss this great opportunity to get your colleagues and teams into the spotlight and showcase all the great work they are doing.  You'll kick yourself if you leave it too late and there's no guarantee of  extra time.  read more

BloodTrack go-live in August - are you trained up and ready?

In August the Trust will go-live with an electronic blood tracking system called BloodTrack®read more

Sharing humanity: the work of our End of Life Companions

Another cohort of End of Life Companions has completed their training making the total 14 for both hospitals.  The role of the Companion is primarily to sit with patients who are nearing the end of their lives and have no-one to keep them company.  They will also sit with patients where families have to be elsewhere.  read more

All the winners in Insulin Safety Week.

The CHFT Diabetes Team is delighted to announce the five winners of Insulin Safety Week 2018.  They are:  CRH- CCU, ICU and ward 8D  HRI- MAU and ward 19  During Insulin Safety Week we had a strong message  about the importance of continuing long acting insulin in all patients with type 1 diabetes.  read more

Policies and work information

Home Secretary letter on latest situation for EU colleagues

On June 21, the Home Secretary wrote to all NHS CEOs explaining the latest situation for EU colleagues.  He outlined more details about the EU Settelment Scheme for after the UK leaves the EU which will enable colleagues to continue to live and work here as they do now.  Please find the full letter attached.        read more

We're still here at Princess Royal and a new location for Ambulatory at CRH

Colleages are reminded that Children’s Therapy services for Huddersfield families are still at the  Princess Royal Health Centre for Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy services.  read more

Bite-Sized Learning - correctly recording Datix entries for pressure ulcers

Our Quality Team has discovere there are errors when recording pressure ulcer incidents for newly-admitted patients on Datix.  As many as 50% are recorded wrongly so it is important we tackle this.  Here our Clinical Governance Support Manager, Lynne Taylor, guides colleagues on the right way to record them.  read more

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