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Issue 176 | 21st June 2018

Moment to CQC- elebrate!

What a summer it's been. Non-stop sunshine, the World Cup off to a flyer and topped off with yesterday's  "GOOD" news from the CQC .  There were celebrations across the Trust and Comms cameras captured some of them -  and produced a special video featuring Owen and Lindsay. 
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Vote for Jackie Murphy. She's shortlisted for top national Digital Award.

Our Jackie Murphy - pictured, left, at an EPR training session last year - is through to the finals of the  national Digital Health Awards 2018! 
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Are you "keeping-up" with the World Cup campaign? Adam Matthews is the one to beat.

Whether it's decorating wards and departments, taking part in keepy-uppy contests, playing table football or guessing the number of chocolate balls in the jar - colleagues have really got behind our World Cup campaign - and we're only in week one. 
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Carol, Lorraine and Cheryl, with photos of Carol and Lorraine in their early training days

Three of our Theatres sisters are retiring this summer and will be very missed..

HRI theatres celebrated a shared retirement of three colleagues with an amazing 120 years service between them, and almost all of their time has been spent working together. 
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Our Big Birthday, a free BBQ and Sophie Holroyd's best wishes.

Thursday July 5 is the big day.  Allelujah!  Singing it loud and proud will be the Huddersfield and Halifax Choral Societies. The choirs will be in our two hospital entrances. We've also the Bishop of Huddersfield and Vicar of Halifax delivering Thanskgiving and Rededication services starting at 1 pm.  read more

Kane was over the moon! You could be too!

   Get the Harry Kane factor!  There's just a month to  the Celebrating Success  2018 deadline and you never know, the trophies could be "coming home" to your area.  read more

It's Pulmonary Rehab week

It's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week and our team at CRH are taking part to help raise awareness of  respiratory diseases in the main entrance for patients, visitors and staff.   If you'd like some more information about the Pulmonary Rehab Team, then feel free to go and see their stall, or call them on CRH x7356.  read more

Can you offer a placement to our next interns as part of Project Search?

In this Learning Disability Week, we're hearing from two interns who have been at CHFT on a placement this year. As it is almost time to welcome a new group to the Trust, we're asking managers if they can offer a rotation to help support young people with learning disabilities get the skills they need to move into paid employment.  read more

Policies and work information

Making meetings matter - WTGR tools for all

With so many of us spending much of our working day in meetings, the way we prepare and run them is key to people coming away feeling it was a good use of their time.  Our PPADDA tool is part of our Work Together Get Results (WTGR) resources and using it may just help with your meeting planning.  read more

Bite Sized Learning - having SIGHT on C-diff

A patient tested positive for Clostridium difficile (C-Diff), but they were not isolated promptly. This led to a C-diff outbreak affecting five other patients on tne ward. Here's a quick way of remembering what to do when dealing with potentially infectious diarrhoea:  read more

Self-help books do work... get them from CRH library

The library has recently acquired the full collection of Reading Well for Mental Health to promote the Health & Wellbeing of Trust staff.  How can books help?  There is evidence from NICE that self-help books can help people understand & manage common mental health conditions.  read more

CHFT Events

Book your place at our first Learning from Deaths summit.

Here at the Trust we want to improve our care in all areas. Specially important to us is how we provide end of life care for our  patients and their families.  read more

Fitness Fusion Fridays at HRI - first timers try free

Having some fun whilst you get fit is a great idea right? We've been hosting Fitness Fusion for some time at HRI. And after a short break on the 29th June, Sophie at SS Dance and Wellbeing will be back strutting her funky stuff to help colleagues improve their fitness.  read more

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