EPR one year on: the video verdict!

 Big thanks and well done to everyone as we celebrate EPR's first birthday here at CHFT.

As if anyone could forget, Bank Holiday May Weekend 2017 saw our cutover process and the vice-President of Cerner UK Geoff Segal has been so impressed with what we've achieved he's sent his own personal congratulations saying:

‘CHFT’s adoption of and commitment to their new EPR has been exemplary, and offers many lessons for future deployments setting the bar for the exciting next phase of our partnership.  Achievement on this scale takes real teamwork and all CHFT staff deserve a massive well done !!’

So it doesn't get much better than that!

To mark the anniversary CHFT Weekly headed out to find out just what the feeling on the frontline is. We videoed the views from two of our teams - click here to hear from paediatrics at CRH and here to hear what ward 19 HRI have to say.

We all know too that it hasn't all be plain-sailing all the time and that is the reason we're staging a Buildathon for the next two weeks. This will see our back office team (also pictured) targeting the majority of change requests still outstanding. However, we recognise that this is a dynamic system and change will continue as we become more familiar with the EPR and as clinical guidelines change.

Jackie Murphy, who will be our interim Chief Nurse when Brendan moves on, was our director of Nursing/Modernisation throughout the process. She said: "It’s not just a clinical documentation system, it affects all departments and teams and we recognise the change it has been for teams such as our coders (see attached) porters, medical secretaries and many many more.

“ From a year ago, colleagues are now using EPR as part of their everyday working life and are keen to optimise it to improve patient care, experience and quality.   Whilst it’s an ongoing development I would like to acknowledge the cultural change that colleagues have successfully delivered. When you think they have changed virtually the whole way care is documented and this is a huge achievement.”