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Issue 167 | 19th April 2018

Working at CHFT is awesome.

They did it! Pagbati (Congratulations) to our first three Filipino nurses to pass the NMC OSCE  Last year we recruited a number of nurses from the Philippines and we currently have eight nurses placed within medicine and surgery throughout the Trust and we are expecting another cohort of nurses very soon. 
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Celebrating Kath Walker - CHFT's longest serving Band 5

Colleagues from Medical Outpatients and the Prep team at CRH celebrated Kath Walker's 40 years as a nurse with a big bunch of lovely flowers for her.  She started as a pupil nurse in April 1978 at the Willow School of Nursing in Halifax next to the old Infirmary the took a conevrsion course to become a staff nurse. 
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So grateful even the cat says thank-you. Family's lovely letter for 7c

Our outstanding stroke care teams are well-used at receiving thank-yous. Here's an emotional and truly magnificnet one  from  the Klimko family..... and their cat Foo Foo.    We're reproduced it in full right through to their sign off which says: . 
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Apprentice Noel "Spidey" Keating reveals all in our latest Hello My Name Is...

Noel Keating is one of our Band 6 apprentices. He has worked in Cardiology for a few years now having started off as an ECG Technician & Scheduler. He has worked himself up to Associate Practitioner Level. With the introduction of the Level 6 Apprenticeship degree in Healthcare Science at Sheffield Hallam University, he is now developing into a Cardiac Physiologist at trainee level. 
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Fundraisers beat 'Snowmaggedon' for Children's Diabetes Team weekend away

It all got a bit emotional last week as Callum Long, 10, and his family presented a cheque to the children's paediatric diabetes team guaranteeing their fab residential weekend away can take place again next year.  read more

It's there for everybody. Tributes to NHS in its 70th year

Brian Moore is our lead Governor and here he tells how he became involved with CHFT. He lives in Longwood and is retired after being a sale manager for 30 years and a former CEO of a buying group in the catering industry. All Foundation Trusts have members and the public governors are recruited from them in elections to represent our local communities.  read more

Bolly good show!

Our Children's ward and outpatients department have been celebrating two donations.  1) Supermarket Sainsburys have been in to donate Sport Relief gear to amuse our younger patients on the Children's Ward at CRH.  read more

Policies and work information

Bite Sized Learning - communicating with relatives and take home meds

This week we’re reporting how a ward responded after receiving a complaint about how an elderly patient was discharged to a care home late in the evening, as well as how we communicated with the family.  The IV antibiotics had been changed to oral antibiotics as the patient kept pulling the cannula out, but the family were not told this.  read more

P60s for 2017/2018 in your ESR

We recently switched to providing electronic payslips in ESR colleagues. As part of that, your annual P60 statement of Income Tax and National Insurance for 2017/2018 is available to view in ESR. We will not be providing a paper copy of your P60, though you can view, download, save and print your P60 from ESR.  read more

Nursing Times 2018 - 23 categories to go at.

Last year we had three finalists at the Nursing Times Awards so it's a tough act to follow.  Our HOOP team, the Lung Cancer nurses and the Incontinence Team were all there on the big night representing CHFT.  So read all about this year' event...  read more

CHFT Events

New national campaign to help patients get up and about.

Starting on Monday our Trust is taking part in another national PJ Paralysis event - aimed at helping our patients, wherever possible to get up and dressed and along the road to a swifter recovery.  The campaign runs for 70 days from Monday 23rd April through to Monday 2nd July.  read more

Crumbs! Ready, set, bake at Glen Acre House

The Quality Team are holding a bake sale next Wednesday 25th April at Glen Acre House.  All proceeds will go toward Stand Up to Cancer - a joint national fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 to accelerate ground breaking cancer research and save more lives, more quickly.  Grab your cake and make a difference any time after 9am...  read more

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