I'm blessed. Nicky's praise for her team in the NHS's 70th

Radiographer Nicky Taylor reckons she's blessed with the team she works with in the NHS as it celebrates its 70th this year. Here she tells more...and if you want to join in read the info at the foot of this story.


Nicky, how long have you worked in the NHS and what attracted you to it?

I have worked for the NHS for 11 years , I was attracted to it because it offered a secure job with lots of benefits ie..good pension, job progression and flexible hours

Why is the NHS special to you? 

Because I am blessed with working alongside a fabulous team which is important as I spend as much time here as my waking hours at home and have an exciting career that is evolving and improving its diagnostic possibilities all the time.

What present would you give to the NHS for its 70th

My present to the NHS would be a bottomless credit card so Radiology could keep their equipment and technology up to date to offer our patients the best that diagnostic radiology can offer


**If you want to join in the Happy Birthday celebrations then answer the question like Nicky did and email them to: chft@cht.nhs.uk and Comms will do the rest.