MADE in CHFT - today's event to improve discharges

The challenge has been laid down, and today CHFT colleagues, health system partners and NHS Improvement (NHSI) are holding an event to look at our processes, create actions and implement change. They'll be visiting 18 wards with the aim of improving patient flow across our hospitals and in the local health community. 

It's all happening in one day with feedback expected later this afternoon about what's been put in place.

The fundamental aims of a Multi-Disciplinary Accelerated Discharge Event (MADE) are to:

  • Unblock delays and simplify processes across the whole system
  • Free up beds and increase flow as part of an escalation process
  • Reduce length of stay with a focus on improving our stranded patient metrics
  • Bring system partners together to collaborate, identify (confirm) the key constraints in the system and help develop future improvement efforts

Director of Urgent Care, Bev Walker, said; "This MADE event can only be effective if all the health system leaders sign-up and provide visible support, which is why I'm so pleased we have so many partners involved today (see below).

"Everyone taking part has already committed their time and energy to the process, which is really important to its success. I'm sure it will follow through with what we find, challenge and change. 

"The MADE team will have a relentless focus on getting things done today and will help progress discharge plans for every inpatient (working alongside the ward multi-disciplinary team).

The one day process requires on-the-day decision making. So if a delay is highlighted the team should be able to resolve it without having to involve multiple people and/or handovers.  

Our MADE team involves reps from:

  • CHFT 
  • Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Primary care
  • GP
  • Calderdale Community Service
  • Our local authorities
  • Locala
  • Age UK
  • NHSI