Hwyl fawr a phob lwc - (that's fun and good luck)...Bye Bye to Wales-bound Karen Barnett

Our Director of Operations in Community left CHFT and moved on to Wales.  Our Chief Operating Officer Helen Barker said goodbye with other colleagues adding "You've really made us think differently about the community story at CHFT".

We asked Karen to share what she's proud of and for a few words - and here's what she told us:

"Reflecting on the last two years, I am most proud of the comments and compliments I receive so often about the care and compassion that the community staff show to their patients. Only yesterday did someone tell me about their experience as a family member of a person who was supported by our out of hours team – she told me about how supported and comforted her family felt and how dignified and cared for her relative was at the end of their life by the actions of our team.

"I am also blown away by the commitment to patients that our staff have shown, particularly through this awful winter where staff walked to patients, borrowed cars from family, friends, neighbours or have come to work on their days off to ensure patients received the right care.

"Over the last two years we have developed the community division as an equal partner across the organisation, and we are well represented across all aspects of the organisation's business. We have also built some great relationships with our external partners and are driving some exciting innovative services that will make a difference to the people of Calderdale.

"I want to thank everyone I have worked with across the organisation for their support and kindness – and am sure that community services will continue to thrive and move forward".

Karen recently became engaged and chose to move to Wales where her partner lives, which is why she decided to move on. She'll be working at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.