I'm in the mood for Mother's Day. Nolans go the extra mile

Our amazing mum and daughter nursing duo Mary and Becky Nolan spent last Sunday on HRI's Ward 8 pampering our eldery patients - in memory of their recently lost mum and Nana.

Hair, nails and beauty treatments were on offer to make it special for our ladies -  and it meant so much them.

Beautician-trained Becky, a healthcare assistant on AMU at HRI, said: " It was a privilege to go to Ward 8 on Sunday. The ladies who had their treatments were absolutely delighted. One lady had never before had her nails painted.I have recently lost my Nana and me and my mum wanted to give something back to other ladies/mothers/nanas who were in hospital for Mother's Day. Going to ward 8 brightened up a very sad day for us."

Matron Amanda McKie, joined them. She said:  "The ladies felt truly amazing. They felt great getting to have their nails and hair done, it was like a proper salon. We did proper manicures - soaking their nails and everything. One 98-year-old said she would love her hair washing, so we gave her the works,  washed her hair, shampoo and conditioner, blow dry and rollers in!

"We had six ladies all together on Sunday. It was just lovely. They all loved the company. We read poems to them, we got to find out all about their lives, and spending time with them touched everyone's hearts"

As it was Mother's Day, CHFT Weekly wanted to find out more about how Becky followed her Mum, Mary, into the profession here at CHFT. And her hottest beauty tips.


How much of an inspiration is your mum?

My mum is totally inspirational for me especially with her SPARKLE and RED LIPSTICK!! My mum has been committed to the NHS for 35 years and she still has the passion to care for people. If I can be half the nurse that she is then I will be happy.  


Why did you follow in her footsteps into nursing?

My mum never pressured me into nursing or tried to persuade me in any way. I qualified as a hairdresser and a beautician in 2013 but I felt that this career pathway was both unfulfilling and unrewarding for me. I decided to go down the caring pathway and never looked back. I have an aptitude for caring for people. I feel it in my belly!! If you have got it you have got it...


You’re a trained beautician. Tell us your fave:

Makeup brand and why: SOAP AND GLORY is my favourite brand they do everything from bath bombs to facial highlighters. All their products smell beautiful and are an affordable luxury in everybody's price range.

Hair product: My favourite hair product is Bed Head Hairspray... My hair is my thing!! 

Do you prefer cheap makeup or posh end? In my makeup bag I have everything from George to Urban Decay. I do not buy makeup because of the brand I buy makeup based on what suits and agrees with my skin.

Ever had any beauty disaster you wish to share. I was recommended a hair product by a friend. Unknown to me my hair would go candy floss PINK the day of my brother's graduation. My mum still can't hang the pictures up!


And we asked Mary...how was Sunday on the ward for you?

I lost my own mum in August last year. We decided on Mother's Day this year we would do something nice for other people's mums and nanas. 

Did you always want to be a nurse?

I was born to nurse! I was bought my first nurses uniform at two years of age. From my first memories all I ever wanted to do is nurse. I feel nursing for me is a vocation.

What makes a special nurse? A special nurse is kind, caring, empathetic, compassionate, who always puts the needs of the patients first. But above all has the gift to anticipate the needs of our patients in advance of them knowing what they need themselves.