Matron Melling's march... and an appeal for the weekend

Karen and a snow drift

Our surgical matron Karen Melling wasn't going to defeated by the Beast. 

She set off on foot  but had to turn back due to the poor weather. After a brew she got back out there to walk to work for her noon shift.

She said: "  We live on top of a hill overlooking a valley in Halifax.  I was with my son Joshua  and we managed to get so far down the road but had to turn back as we couldn’t get through. We went back home for a change of clothes and set off again to try and walk a different route. The wind had caused some huge snowdrifts which made the road completely impassable. Most over the drifts were over six feet tall as you can see in the picture. We couldn’t actually see at one point as the wind was whipping the snow and caused a “white out”

"We persevered on and eventually made it to the main Keighley Road. It had taken us well over an hour to get to this point in what is usually a five minute walk. Thankfully a bus was running and although some parts of the main road were down to one lane of traffic due to the snowdrifts we eventually made it into town. As we were stood at the bus stop for the Huddersfield bus two policemen informed us that the buses were not running. We then went to a local taxi rank to be informed that they had suspended their taxis. So we set off walking...again.

"We got half way on when Joshua flagged a taxi down who was on his way home but we told him we worked at the hospital and he very kindly agreed to take us. So we eventually arrived, cold and wet but at least in one piece !!

I think we did what most staff do and make every effort to get into work despite the obstacles placed before us- I know many people struggled and walked to work and I think this testament to people who work for the Trust that they do whatever they can to get to work to care for the patients. I like to think we are made of stern stuff in Yorkshire but yesterday was definitely a day for putting my “big coat on” !!


**We know Karen’s efforts were repeated  all across the Trust  this past week as colleagues went that extra mile to get to work for our patients.

More snow is predicted this weekend so we are appealing for colleagues to  try to Beat the Beast and:

  • if you live near  to either hospital please walk in as we have many shifts available.
  • car share wherever possible especially if you’ve a 4x4 and know a colleague who lives nearby
  • walk into work  if you live close to either hospital and if it’s not where your shift is based go to your nearest.
  • use public transport if your own vehicle can’t be used . Check timetables for any disruption on the buses and trains
  • set off earlier to give yourself extra time to get in.