Recently approved policies

The Food Hygiene Policy has updated guidance on the storage of sandwiches, HRI Birth Centre meals, staff fridges and more. The Slips, Trips and Falls Policy includes a post falls flowchart and the Waste Management Policy now has a liquid waste section. Main policy changes below: 


Food Hygiene Policy (click left or search food in the policies and documents library)


  • Updated to include Section 9.4 – storage of individual meals in the Birth Centre, HRI.
  • Section 9.5 – Sandwiches
  • Section 10 – To include designated staff fridges
  • Section 12 – To include blue gloves when serving meals
  • Section 17 – Training refresher from five years to three
  • Appendix 2 – Food Fridge Temperature Record
  • Appendix 3 – Freezer Temperature Record

Slips, Trips and Falls Policy (click left or search slips in the policies and documents library)


  • All non-clinical elements have been removed and the policy focuses totally on Patient Safety/Falls.
  • All non-clinical elements are now contained within CHFT’s Health & Safety policy.
  • Additional guidance of post falls clinical management. 

Waste Management Policy (click left or search waste in the policies and documents library)


  • Waste liquid section included due to the previous Environmental Policy being substantially subsumed into the Sustainable Development Management Plan.
  • Clarification of lab waste procedures and disposal of waste in community settings.
  • Clarification of the role of the Waste Manager