For the love of her job. Saima Qasim nearly crashed but made it through the snow.. from Bolton

Our appointments and transport coordinator Saima Qasim set off at 6am to ensure she was at her desk and helping our patients despite the blizzards.

The "Beast from the East" winter storm couldn't keep her away as she loves working here so much.

Saima, lives in Bolton and it usually takes her 45 minutes each way. Yesterday it was 1 hr 20 mins in very slow-moving traffic, even on the motorway.  The water in her car's windscreen washer had frozen and when a lorry went past her it sprayed her windscreen binding her vision temporarily creating really scary conditions.

She said: " I love working here.  That's why I travel to work here. Everyone is really helpful and it is a lovely environment to be part of. I really enjoy working here and being with the staff here."

Appointments manager Katharine Fletcher, said: " Saima deserves a shout out. It's a tough time for the centre team and her dedication to  her colleagues and our patients despite the weather is amazing."