Just tell them your story - you're amazing: CQC roadshows begin.

Our CEO Owen Williams teamed up with Quality Directorate's Juliette Cosgrove to host yesterday's very snow-hit CQC roadshow.

The event at the HRI Learning Centre was one of a series we have planned to reassure and explain more about what the upcoming visits are all about, as they'll be different to the last inspection.

We are expecting spot visits  - which are unannounced  - as well as a three-day planned inspection from April 3-5.  

Our current rating is "requires improvement" and we hope this become a "good" or even an "outstanding" after the inspectors hear about all the good news and recent developments in patient care we have achieved. 

Owen said with the colleague Star Awards and Celebrating Success event he was never short of good stories to tell them. " We don't need to add top spin, just telling it as it is will come across as pretty amazing. I use the words humbling and amazing about colleagues when I am speaking at conferences and I mean every word."

He said the arrival of EPR - though it still had its issues - would be a considerable achievement as many of the Trusts the inspectors visit are still using paper records. "There aren't a lot of Trusts in this country which have the digital-backbone we have." 

Our engagement support teams are also a pioneering development we should be proud of.

Juliette said she recognised people found it difficult to talk about their achievements a we can sometimes be focussed only on permanently improving and moving on and not celebrating what has been achieved aleady.  "Just say it how it is," she said. "We can be self-deprecating Yorkshire people but if we don't tell them they won't find out."

She said key to a telling your good story was finding the balance between what we are doing well and what we still want to do.

Today's two roadshows have been cancelled - again due to the weather and will be rescheduled. 

You'll see all the roadshow dates and useful information like the CQC Staff Handbook and our Learning from the CQC on the pages too - you can get to all things CQC by clicking the purple CQC button on the homepage of the intranet.