Bless the NHS on its 70th Birthday.

Chaplain George Spencer is a member of the Trust's coordinating committee for the upcoming NHS 70th birthday celebrations on July 5.  Lots is planned including two "70-parties" in both our main hospital entrances and in some community setttings on the day itself, and we want all staff to join in on this historic day for us all. We have been featuring a different staff role every week this year in this Happy Birthday NHS70 series.  This week it's the turn of George Spencer. If you would like to be involved please answer the same three questions and email your answers to  


How long have you worked here? As a Chaplain just over 10 years (in different Trusts). For a while I wore a knitted tie instead of a clerical collar and worked as the Palliative Care Social Worker in HRI.


What makes the NHS special to you? The NHS has always been there for me, and is full of wonderfully committed people. It is a terrific national asset, and a great environment to work in.


What present would you buy for its 70th? A massive injection of confidence for all staff  to enable them to talk with patients who are dying in a truthful, gentle and timely way and with their families too..