#doingmybit - Alistair Morris

 When he's not at CHFT paediatrician and clinical EPR lead Alistair Morris is up in the hills of the Calder Valley on call-outs with the Mountain Rescue (MR) Team.

And that's where his idea for saving money came from.

Their MR vehicles are equipped with oxygen canisters.  They are supplied by YAS who themselves have recently switched suppliers. Their new suppliers provide cannisters which are more compact, carry oxygen at higher pressure, last longer and cost much less per litre. They also supply cannisters for entonox.

Alistair suggested the Trust adopts these cannisters instead of our existing ones, which are in every ward and department and sent in his idea.

Medication Safety Officer,  Anita Hill, said: " We thank Alistair for the submission and shall be exploring the medical gas contract further to see if there are savings to be made for the Trust.  

"Switching oxygen supplier isn’t just as simple as switching to a different medicines producer as there are regional contracts and rental charges and different and service delivery and support options, including training  involved with cylinders.  However the contract for the region has been allocated to two different suppliers (one our current supplier and then another) and we will be exploring whether there are savings to be made. ”