Isn't Sree lovely...... Dr Tumula is a Star

Consultant Sree Tumula was "gobsmacked and overwhelmed" and praised her team around her when our man with the Star Award certificate turned up for her presentation.

She's the latest colleague to collect  the monthly award after being nominated by 4c's healthcare assistant Claire Thompson who described Sree as "gentle and calming" and nothing was too much trouble for her.

But Dr Tumula insisted it was a team win.   "It's not just me. It's the team as well that I work with. Thank you!!"

Claire's nomination said: "Dr Tumula recently ran a hysteroscopy clinic I was fortunate to work in. She was so informative to the patients and myself. Nothing was too much trouble for her to explain. She was caring towards each patient, giving them her time and patience. Although patients are allocated a certain amount of time she never rushed them and explained all the time what she was doing and why, really putting the patient first.

"She always puts the patient first, introduces herself to each patient and asks how they are and what they are doing for the rest of the day. She is genuinely interested in the patient. She also remembered my name which I was highly impressed with. She sees so many people and yet called me by my name and made me feel valued.

"I feel that she ran the clinic really well and everything flowed smoothly. I cannot sing her praises enough. I have also met her on the ward I work on, 4C. I have noticed her gentle and calming influence on patients and staff. She has a difficult job but manages it exceptionally well and shows so much empathy towards each patient."

CEO Owen Williams presented it in the Pathology Seminar Room in front of her colleagues. He said: " Your name comes up all the time! You truly deserve this, Well done,  everyone thinks you're just really great."

** Her award was for the same month as  fundraisers Trish and Ros from the eye clinic at CRH. There was a tie for the first time in Star Award history.  It has only just been  presented as getting times whe Sree and Owen were both in work - and free - at the same time for a few minutes.