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Issue 158 | 15th February 2018

First pioneering percutaneous EVAR performed successfully by the Radiology team in CHFT.

The interventional radiology team at CHFT is celebrating the successful performing of both the first acute and elective percutaneous EVAR (endovascular aneurysm repair) procedures.  They were performed by Dr Chalam Viswanathan our Consultant Interventional Radiologist and this is a major development in minimally invasive Interventional Radiology within the Trust. 
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Meet Dawn Neill! She's driving ahead with her new career as a healthcare assistant at CHFT.

It was Dawn Neill's wedding anniversary yesterday  - on Valentine's Day. The former driving instructor is one of our new  healthcare assistant apprentice cohort (see the group photo attached) and the latest colleague to feature in our popular Hello My Name Is... series. 
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Love is all Around - especially at HRI - in Valentine's Week

HRI should stand for Hopelessly Romantic Indeed.  A quick ask around and CHFT Weekly has found three lovely love stories amongst colleagues for Valentine's Week. 
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Davey's done his bit. Have you any bright ideas?

   Our consultant ophthalmologist Keith Davey  is one of the colleagues who have stepped up and responded to the Trust's appeal for money-saving ideas. 
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We love our patients .....Ward 19's Valentine's Day cakes fest

Staff and patients'  families helped make a Valentine's Day bun sale a  sweet success on Ward 19.  The range of cakes was yummy and included a Mary Berry drizzle cake and raspberry and white chocolate slices all on display on a heart-decorated table.  read more

Sal's celebrating the NHS's 70th year

   Sal Uka, is a paediatrician and our associate medical director at CHFT.   Here, he joins in the celebrations for the NHS 70th year. We are featuring a different colleague every week throughout a very special 2018. If you want to be included please answer the questions and email them back to:  Sal's reponses..  read more

Bite Sized Learning - help avoid injuries from sharps

A porter was injured because a sharp had poked through a GriffPAC box he was collecting from a ward. Our GriffPAC waste disposal boxes are not intended to be used for sharps or free flowing liquid - they are for clinical waste like plastic tubing. Liquids can be disposed of in GriffPACs as long as they are in sealed containers.  read more

Mr to pastures new

      Colleagues gathered on Ward 22 to say a fond farewell to Mr Jyoti  Basu. He is moving on after nine years as a consultant and a registrar before that.  The consultant urologist said: "I am very sad to be leaving.  read more

Macmillan at Crossley Heath fair

The Macmillan Cancer Information Service attended a Health Fair at Crossley Heath School in Halifax.    Mandy Davies, the assistant cancer information manager for the service, attended the event with one of the Information service Volunteers Barbara Rogers.  read more

Policies and work information

All things Smartcard - policy reviewed and on the intranet

      The Joint THIS Registration Authority Policy and Procedure explains to managers and colleagues everything they need to know about requesting NHS Smartcards, including the checks in place and how their use is audited.        You'll see the latest policy on our intranet in the policies and documents library.  read more

Electronic payslips will be introduced this month - reminder

Last week Suzanne Dunkley, Director of Workforce sent a reminder to colleagues about our move to electronic payslips. Here's the mail in full:     As your employer we need to send you the following notification, which relates to the removal of printed payslips within the Trust.       read more

Update on EPR hardware and height adjustments

To ensure the work to rollout additional carts and make height adjustments to laptops on wheels (LOWS) hasn't impacted our busy wards and departments, this work has been extended to the end of March. Around half the work has been completed so far across both sites.  Please direct any questions a  read more

Save us brass - post second class!... and internal envelope use

We've worked out if everyone who posted an item by first class post at HRI last year had used second class instead, the Trust would have saved almost £22,000.  read more

CHFT Events

Send us your Food Reviews... and next week's Menus

It's our pleasure to promote the lovely grub in our restaurants every week.  The teams in Spice of Life and Ingleton Falls produce so much variety. From chips to salads, curries to pies, roasts to stews.  read more

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