All-round orthopaedics team effort nails top award

Our Orthopaedic Team has received national recognition for its commitment to delivering the best, safe care to patients undergoing joint surgery.

The team - based on both sites -  have been recognised as a Quality Data Provider by the National Joint Registry (NJR).

The NJR monitors the performance of hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder replacement operations with the aim of improving clinical outcomes for the benefits of patients and clinicians.

NJR data reflects the quality of the surgeon, the implant and the unit in which it is performed.

The Trust encourages patients to access it, allowing for informed decisions on elective surgery.

CHFT has 10 surgeons performing hip and knee surgeons, as well as 3 specialists in shoulder/elbow surgery  and 3 for foot and ankle surgery.

To achieve the registration the Trust had to submit extensive data covering 95% of all our joint surgery over a set timescale.

Surgeon Guy McWilliams, Clinical Lead for Arthoplasty at our Trust, said: “This is not just about the surgeons here at the Trust, it is about all the staff whose work is connected to Orthopaedic surgery.”

Medical Director David Birkenhead, said: “This shows the strength of the Orthopaedic team and its commitment to quality and patient care. Excellent work”

The NRK Medical Director Martyn Porter congratulated CHFT staff for meeting the standards.

He said the data collected is an important source of evidence for regulators like the Care Quality Commission, and is strong driver when it comes to improving the quality of care for patients.

Mr Porter added: “It is clear that for surgeons and patients alike, the necessity for having accurate and complete data is an absolute requirement.

“The Quality Data provider award demonstrates the high standards being met towards ensuring compliance with the NJR and is often a strong reflection of a departmental effort to achieve such status.”


***The NJR was established in 2002. It monitors the performance of implants, the effectiveness of different types of joint replacement surgery and provides evidence to improve clinical standards — all with a focus on patient outcomes.