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Issue 154 | 18th January 2018

Be the change you want to see... says Ben Iyere, our new Estates and Facilities manager

We've just welcomed a new manager to Estates and Facilities. He's Ben Iyere,  he has a passion for  excellence and making every day a better day, loves Paris, pink and is a real family man.  Read more about him in the latest Hello My Name Is... series. 
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"I'm not just saying it...I have absolutely loved it!" Denise Cunningham's retirement after 20 years

Denise Cunningham reckons she's been very very lucky. In her near 20-year career at CHFT, promotion and the changing nature of her job has meant it's the place she stayed the longest and she's loved every mniute of it.  Our senior sister on ICU, said: "Before here I had only stayed  anywhere for four or five years at the longest. I love ICU. 
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20k saved puts a smile on "Dump It's" face!

Over Christmas CHFT have been big 'leccy units.  Across the two main hospital sites we saved 97,000 units of electricity compared to the same months last year at CRH and 71,000 units of electricity at HRI. 
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Gudrun with Dorte,  Carsten on camera and Hendrik - Sound.

Camera, Lights.... Gudrun!. Our geriatrician shows Germany how we care

 A documentary team from Germany has been following our Dr Gudrun Seebass  earlier this week.  The aim is to highlight the role of the geriatrician in the NHS. In Germany they only work in rehab units. 
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Gareth, Madeline and Kerry with the gym\'s new equipment for patients

Thanks to our Friends for new equipment for patients' gym at CRH

 Vice Chairman of the League Of Friends  Madeleine Brearley came in to meet with Gareth Liversidge and Kerry Brannen to see the new  £10k gym equipment donated by the LOF.  It includes a squat rack, leg press, leg extension and curl, free weights and plyometric boxes.  read more

The final countdown to our new intranet

Our new intranet goes live next Wednesday 24 January, with loads of new and improved features to help colleagues find the information they need more quickly and easily. Plus colleagues will still be able to see the current site with a link from the front page.  read more

You've been magnificent. Winter praise from Calderdale's health leaders

Health leaders in Calderdale have issued a thankyou to all colleagues for their response during this winter challenges so far -  recognised as an unprecendented time for the NHS.  read more

Horizon group heading for "Oscars" in partnership healthcare

   A collaboration of  colleagues from CHFT ,Overgate Hospice and Calderdale Council has been shortlisted for  local "Oscars"  aka the  Accolade Award for their work with Calderdale Council of Mosques centred on the South Asian community in West Halifax.  Their work has had a special focus on the Madni Mosque in particular.  read more

Policies and work information

All the 'flu drop-ins through to next handy poster on taking swabs

We're seeing more frontline colleagues request 'flu vaccinations as they see cases increase in our hospitals and the local community. So here's a reminder of the current drop-ins we have through to next week.  read more

We're switching to electronic payslips from February

We print and distribute more than 12,500 paper slips each month - the equivalent to a tree an a half!  So, from next month we'll be switching to electronic payslips - which colleagues can still download and save, or print if they need to.  read more

Bite sized learning - giving IV antibiotics quickly to sepsis patients

For every hour delay in giving antibiotics to sepsis patients, the risk of mortality increases by 7%. It's important to give antibiotics within an hour for the best outcome. Please share this week's learning with your teams.   read more

CHFT Events

NHS Days at Alton Towers - book now for first weekend in March

For the fourth year, NHS colleagues are  invited to a special weekend at Alton Towers.  On Saturday March 3 and Sunday March 4, 2018, it will be opened exclusively for members of the Emergency Services, NHS, Armed Forces and their families and by pre-book only.  read more

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