Thanks for a lovely time...! Massive theatres' thank-you from colleague Karen Melling

Not many people would rate their time in theatres as "lovely" but matron Karen Melling said just that after her stay earlier this month at a time when we're facing unprecedented challenges. It's a cracking read written by someone who spends her weeks delivering compassionate care.  We wish Karen a speedy recovery and return to work.



"I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the care and compassion shown to me when I underwent my operation on 4th January 2018.

"I was made to feel very welcome on the admissions unit and my pre-op checks were completed very efficiently and in a calm and professional manner. It transpired during conversations that the staff nurse has only been with the Trust since October, but I feel sure she will prove to be an asset to the team

"Once in the anaesthetic room the calm and professional atmosphere continued and I felt in very safe hands and made to feel at ease at what is a most difficult and frightening time. The anaesthetist was lovely (and visited me in recovery to check I was ok) and I am really sorry but I cannot remember the name of the nurse/opd in the anaesthetic room ( Becky maybe??) but she was lovely as well and I was told every step of the way what would be happening to me which was of great reassurance.


"I awoke in recovery (crying - anaesthetics seem to have this effect on me as I certainly wasn’t sad !!) to be cared for by Lisa who is an agency nurse but appears to work quite a few shifts for the Trust. She was absolutely fantastic - a real bundle of energy and she literally never stopped. Again I felt very safe in her care and nothing was too much trouble for her. Her substantive Trust is very lucky to have her and if we could get her into our Trust she would prove to be an exceptional nurse for the department.


"Another nurse who I think was called Rose was caring for a lady in the next bay to me and although, not caring for me directly, I could see the care and kindness to the patient in her care and whilst Lisa was caring for another patient she kept asking me if I was ok and did I need anything. I believe she sourced some clip on cup holders for the trollies which were an absolute revelation and proved to be very handy !

"A further nurse was opposite to me and also appeared to be caring and professional to the patients she was charged with looking after.


"I had some lovely tea and toast and honestly I could have had 20 cups of tea if I had wanted- every time somebody went past they asked if I was ok and could they do anything for me. I was escorted to and from the bathroom and had my bag carried for me ( it wasn’t even heavy but there was no way I was going to be allowed to carry it myself !!).


"So, all in all, it was a very positive experience. I know the situation was difficult as I was being discharged from theatre recovery as opposed to the DSU which was not an option due to the crisis bed pressures. However I was just extremely grateful to have had my operation and to be cared for by such wonderful staff. I commented as I left that I had had a lovely time despite what I was there for and I genuinely meant it.

"We should be extremely proud of each other, the care, compassion, kindness was second to none.  I honestly felt that staff were not there just doing a job but doing a job that they loved and had passion and commitment to it.

"I am recovering at home and despite being a bit sore I am fine ( am still going to get Mark doing the housework for another week though !!) so I thought I would just e mail this in to say a massive thank you to everybody for a fantastic experience."