So here it is.... CHFT's Advent Calendar 2017!

It's a festive first at CHFT. Hurrah!

We're presenting a Advent Calendar Countdown starting with midwife manager Carol Sarr followed by a host of colleagues in all  different roles. Every day will be a different colleague on screensavers and our social media posts.

In the meantime, did you know: 

* The origin of Advent Calendars can be traced back to the 19th century when religious families would draw a chalk line every day in December up until Christmas Eve.

* The first known advent calendar made by hand in 1851. There are also Adventcandles, a candle for the 24 days of Christmas.

* The first printed advent calendar was  published in 1908  in Germany. 

*  In World War II they stopped as cardboard became rationed 

* They made a comeback  in 1946.

* The first chocolate ones were sold in 1958. 

That's the history bit.. now enjoy the rest.