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Christmas countdown | 1st December 2017

So here it is.... CHFT's Advent Calendar 2017!

It's a festive first at CHFT. Hurrah!  We're presenting a Advent Calendar Countdown starting with midwife manager Carol Sarr followed by a host of colleagues in all  different roles. Every day will be a different colleague on screensavers and our social media posts. 
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Day 25 - Chief Nurse Brendan Brown

Reuben and Jake, both aged 10, joined Brendan’s family in Hepworth in March this year from the donkey rescue sanctuary.  They had been moved several times, and needed a new loving and stable (no pun intended) home.  read more

Day 24 - Associate Director of Nursing Jo Middleton

Role - Associate Director of Nursing Surgery and Anaesthetics  Deck the halls or Bah Humbug - Absolutely Deck the Halls..  read more

Day 23 - Consultant Anaesthetist Pnt Laloe

Role: Consultant anaesthetist  Deck the Halls or Bah Humbug? Deck the Halls  Fave Christmas song/carol? The 2009 Christmas number 1 by Rage Against the Machine.  read more

Day 22 - Nurse Associate Donna Gibson

Role: Nurse Associate  Favourite Christmas  carol -  Away in a Manger  Christmas dinner disaster - We had a power cut so ended up going to Indian restaurant for a curry.  read more

Day 21 - Chief Executive Owen Williams

Role: Chief Executive  Deck the Halls or Bah Humbug? Deck the Halls  Fave Christmas song/carol and why? 'I Found Loving' by Fatback Band. Great tune to dance to at Christmas with the family and friends.  read more

Day 20 - Admin Assistant Tracy Schofield

Job role -  Switchboard HRI  Deck the Halls or Bah Humbug? Deck the halls. I love everything about Christmas.  Fave Christmas Song/Carol and why? Leona Lewis - One more sleep. It is a sweeter and softer song.  read more

Day 19 - Consultant Neeraj Bhasin

Role: Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Associate Medical Director  Deck the Halls or Bah Humbug? Deck the Halls all the way.  read more

Day 18 - Chief Operating Officer Helen Barker

Role: Chief Operating Officer  Fave Christmas song/carol? – I’m an 80’s girl so it has to be Last Christmas by Wham.  Christmas dinner disaster? – Not quite a disaster but was certainly a ‘You’ve been Framed’ moment.  read more

Day 17 - Porter Josh Marsh

Name/role: Josh Marsh  Deck the Halls or Bah Humbug? Deck the halls definitely  Send us a wish for Christmas. Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year to All.  Fave Christmas song/carol and why? Jingle Bells, its nice and cheerful and gets everyone smiling.  read more

Day 16 - Clinical Manger for Community Donna Primus

Role: Clinical Manager, Community  Fave Christmas song/carol? Winter Wonderland  Christmas dinner disaster? Luckily I don’t have any disaster stories but in the last couple of years my family has moved away from the traditional Christmas dinner.  read more

Day 15 - Company Secretary Vicky Pickles

Role: Company Secretary  Deck the Halls or Bah Humbug? Erm sometimes I can be a bit of both depending just how many family ‘parties’ I have to go to.  Fave Christmas song/carol and why? It’s a common one but I love Fairy Tale of New York.  read more

Day 14 - Staff nurse Gary Miles

Role:  Staff nurse on the stoke ward  Fave Christmas song/carol? - ‘Driving home for Christmas’ by Chris Rea 1986 (although my work commute is only10 minutes haha).  read more

Day 13 - Manager for Acute Pain services Tina Knight

Role: Manager Acute Pain service - My role is to manage the acute and chronic pain service.  read more

Day 12 - General Manger Katharine Fletcher

Role: General Manager, Outpatients & Records  Deck the Halls or Bah Humbug? Deck the Halls every time.  I love Christmas.   Fave Christmas song/carol and why?  Bing Crosby, White Christmas – A classic, plus I remember watching the movie as a child.  read more

Day 11 - Maxine Lodge in Domestic services

Role - I work in domestics for cleaning services.   Fave Christmas song/carol? – Slade’s 'I Wish it could be Christmas Every Day' and Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s 'Drummer Boy'.  Christmas dinner disaster? – Last Christmas we had dinner out at well-known pub chain.  read more

Day 10 - Research & Development lead Asifa Ali

Asifa Ali is our lead for Research and Development and heads up our team coordinating trials to develop safer care for the future.  Bah humbug or Deck the Halls! Definitely Deck the Halls. I love all the sparkle and cosy feel about it.  Send us a wish for Christmas.  read more

Day 9 - Breast Care Specialist Nurse Joyce Graham

Role: Breast Care Specialist Nurse  Send us a wish for Christmas. Be safe, Be happy, Have fun !  Fave Christmas carol?  Do you count Mariah Carey’s All I want for Xmas is youuuuuu? It must be a Christmas carol by now it’s been out that long! I cannot resist singing it when it’s on.  read more

Day 8 - Catering Manager Adrian Brown

Role: Facilities Manager in Catering services  Deck the Halls or Bah Humbug? Bah Humbug - if you had cooked as many Christmas dinners as I have you would bah humbug as well. Only joking... My wife is a  trained chef as well so it's a team effort and we cook the dinner together.  read more

Day 7 - Discharge Co-Ordinator Kam Khehra

Role:  Discharge co-ordinator   Fave song: Wham Last Christmas  Food disaster:  I forgot the pigs in blankets. Christmas was ruined, as my son Michael said 'worst Christmas ever’  Best bit:  I want to say badly.  read more

Day 6 - Consultant in Acute Medicine Andrew Hardy

Role: Acute Medicine Consultant  and Clinical lead for falls collaborative  Deck the Halls or Bah Humbug? Deck the Halls, although I don’t like to see decorations up or hear carols before the beginning of December  Fave Christmas song/carol and why? We are quite partial to the Phil Spector Christmas Album in  read more

Day 5 - Estates Manager Paul Gilling

Role: Estates manager  Fave Christmas carol? Silent Night. One of my best friends died at the age of 25 (32 years ago). His family are of German descent and his Mum always sang it in German. The carol that is first on my mind at Christmas.   Christmas dinner disaster? I once had a vegan Christmas dinner.  read more

Day 4 - Consultant oncologist Jo Dent

Our ace consultant and London marathon debutee on her dogs, Agadoo ....  read more

Day 3 - Receptionist Josh Melling

Role: A&E receptionist  Bah Humbug or Deck those halls? - Deck those halls  Fave Christmas carol?  - Jingle Bells as it’s nice and cheery and everyone knows the words.  read more

Day 2 - Speech and Language Therapist Teresa Howarth

Role: Speech and Language Therapist  Bah humbug or Deck the Halls! Deck The halls  Fave Christmas carol? We Long To See Thee So  Christmas dinner disaster? Managed to get away with never making one this year will be my first attempt.  read more

Day 1 - Midwife Manager Carol Sarr

Carol is our first  star of our Advent Countdown 2017.   " I am truly honoured to start it," she said.  Here we go.....  read more

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