Super soaraway Celebrating Success 2017. All the triumphs from last night

What a night! It had the lot! 

Cheers and tears (of joy), comedy and CHFT talent on show in depth and at its best.

The room erupted when the Discharge Team were announced overall winners of the £5k Gordon McLean top prize.

They scored the highest possible scores and were clear winners. And their success reduecd their nominator Bev Walker to tears. See their story below.

Chairman Andrew Haigh opened it, saying despite the challenges thank yous and recognition were due.

Chief Exec Owen Williams hailed the gathering at Crossley House, the "CHFT Glamour Club".  "This is a fantastic demonstration of all the great work you - we all - do. If you don't make it onto the stage I want to say thank you. You do make a difference to all the people we serve."

He praised the care given to his mother-in-law who died suddenly recently and also ended with a joke about his own recent care. " I was an endoscopy customer... and I came out smiling!"

Below read all about the individual category winners.

There's our Four Pillar winners for oustanding clinical innovations making a real difference for our patients and their families. This year there was a change in the judging process with all entries being scored for their qualities of working together, putting the patients first, go see and the must dos.

The 12 Four Pillars finalists were Elective Orthopaedic RehabilitationTeam; the Acute Frailty Team; Lucy's Team; Renal Access Team; Calderdale Community Matron Team; Elective Orthopaedic Multi-Disciplinary Team; Discharge Team; Fire Safety Team; Critical Care Follow-up Clinic; Support and Independence Team: Falls Prevention Pathway; Financial Accounts team; Podiatry Wound Care Team with Dr Bangar. 

And then we have some winners with the aaaah factor. Three really heart-warming "people" categories.

This year's event was launched way back in the summer.  2017 attracted more than 100 nominations and last night some of the nominators were attending as "wild card" winners.

Well deserved  too as without them there would be no event!