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Issue 149 - Celebrating Success 2017 | 7th December 2017

Super soaraway Celebrating Success 2017. All the triumphs from last night

What a night! It had the lot!   Cheers and tears (of joy), comedy and CHFT talent on show in depth and at its best.  The room erupted when the Discharge Team were announced overall winners of the £5k Gordon McLean top prize.  They scored the highest possible scores and were clear winners. 
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Discharge Team: Four Pillars Award and Gordon McLean winner

“Getting people out of hospital is not as easy as you think!”  Yet our Discharge Team and our partners have got to grips with it big style.  There’s zero tolerance to patients with more than 100 days with us and the turnaround in performance made them overall winners at last night’s event. 
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Stan Joseph: Clinical Service Superstar

Stan Joseph – an assistant theatre practitioner -  who reassured a stressed-out woman on her way for an operation when she was just 16 weeks pregnant was the winner of the Clinical Service Superstar category. 
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Elective Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Team: Four Pillars Award

The team provides a complete care package. It starts with preparing  patients for surgery on the ward. Then, after surgery, they provide care at home to help them back to full independence.  The team provides a really high level of care day in, day out, irrespective of staffing and funding changes. 
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Smiles and posh frocks galore at CHFT glamour club

Our photographer was out and about throughout the evening capturing some of the special moments - see below.  And your friendly Comms team were on the red carpet for an exclusive fashion shoot. We'll be adding a story in next weeks edition so you can see who was wearing what from Reiss, to kilts, charity shops to 99p eBay bargains.     read more

Support and Independence Team: Four Pillars Award

Every entry for the Four Pillars awards was scored with the top 12 going to the Market Place and the top four finalists receiving winning trophies. The first winner was:  Support and Independence Team Falls Prevention Pathway  The SIT Falls team has focussed on three key areas to reduce hospital admissions resulting from a fall.  read more

Lucy's Team: Four Pillars Award

Our pathology teams and Complex Care matron Amanda Mckie have worked together with a patient’s family to help their daughter cope with her rare diabetes condition at home.  They have introduced a trail-blazing way of working to ensure a patient  doesn’t have to come into ED.  read more

Hannah Gormley: Going the Extra Mile

Our first cancer psychologist Hannah Gormley was our GEM winner.  She was nominated by Caroline Sellers, a CHFT colleague in the next door office  and not even in the same service.  Hannah offers psychological and emotional support to patients who give lovely feedback.  read more

Samantha Waddngton: Support Service Superstar

Samantha Waddington was hailed our winner, and during the judging revealed she has a secret winning way of starting to connect with her dementia patients – with a cuppa.  She reckons an early brew helps her patients settle onto the ward when they maybe feeling anxious and then sets up a relationship throughout their stay.  read more

Celebra-tie-ng Success "Ant" and "Dec" for the very last time.

After six years presenting as a double act - it's over!   Our chair Andrew Haigh and chief exec Owen Williams have become a memorable duo at all our top events. So good, they've been dubbed CHFT's "Ant and Dec".   But no more.  read more

CHFT Weekly - normal service resumes next Thursday December 14.

As it's been Celebrating Success week, we 've held over the regular edition of CHFT Weekly.  It will be back and packed with all your news next Thursday lunchtime (December 14)  It will be a bumper edition, so keep sending it to or contact Communications on  HRI x 5252, x5253 or x 5256.  read more

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