Five stars for on-the-move Ward 20 and ward 21 to 8c at CRH complete

They're on the move today with a ringing 5 -Star endorsement from patient Julie Armstrong.

Julie, from Shelf,  Halifax,   pictured right, was on the ward 20 at HRI for a day yesterday for tests after a GP referral into the surgical assessment unit.  And she was so impressed she posted this on Facebook  and gave the Trust a 5* rating. 

"I am unfortunately in Huddersfield Royal but I really felt the need to say that all the Staff on Ward 20 are absolutely amazing. None of us wish to be hospitalised but they make the stay more personal ... a fab team and all nurses need our gratitude and support in the fantastic job that they do. Thanku for looking after me so well x "

She added: "They are so friendly and look after you so well. They are under so much pressure yet they still have the banter with each other.

"First thing they asked me if I was ok and if I needed anything. I told them my husband would be in shortly but they were prepared to go above and beyond right then and I want them to feel appreciated and recognised for everything they do."

Her husband Eric, said: "People are quick to complain. I have a complaint..which isn't one really!  We have been treated too well!"

Matron Jan Carter said the team was bowled over. " It is brilliant to get compliments from our patients. It is all down to teamwork, they are a fab team. They work so hard for patients as does everyone."

Ward 20  was moving to 21  at HRI today as our Medical Services Reconfiguration progresses.

Ward 21 staff and patients started the whole process at the weekend and went to 8c at CRH with a total team effort for our rehab patients.

All went according to the set timetable and Andrew Mould from Equipment Loan Stores turned out in support  to ensure all the right equipment was in the right place for them.

At the debrief on Monday matron Helen Hodgson said it had gone "fabulously" thanks to close team working and good communications between everyone - even by text!

And our chief operating officer Helen Barker said: “I wanted to thank every single person involved in the moves.

“I’m always amazed at the commitment our colleagues show to putting the patient first. So to continue to see that whilst colleagues are faced with huge change is fantastic ”