Sharing Learning - Improving Care....all about delirium

The inside pages are used as a poster

Our latest Sharing Learning - Improving Care newsletter now available. This issue focuses on delirium.

Learning from some of our incident and complaint investigations has shown that we could be better at identifying when a patient has an episode of delirium. There are lots of resources available to support their care and we need to make sure we are using them fully.

The newsletter (attached) includes information on how to recognise delirium and the tools available to help and support patient care.

It's being distributed to wards to share with teams and display the poster.

It also provides information about the award-winning Prevention of Delirium team which is made up of health care staff and student volunteers, and the more recently introduced Enhanced Care Team. 

The newsletter opens out into a poster which you can then display in within your areas.

If you have any ideas for future themed learning topics, please contact Laura Malik, in the Quality Directorate on ext. 2755 at HRI or via