One of life's angels... Theatres' Darren Kirk is next Star Award winner

When Darren Kirk  was summoned to  a "Patient Flow Strategy Meeting"... little did he know there was no such thing!

The meeting didn't exist. Instead it was a ruse to get them all theatres together for our CEO Owen Williams to spring a latest Star Award presentation. Owen announced "I have a Star Award here...... and Darren it's for you" - which totally stunned our operating theatre orderly.

Darren, said: "I'm amazed, shocked and just lost for words.I don't know what to say. Thank-you" 

General Surgery's Maggie Metcalfe (in absence of Sharon Berry who nominated him) organised the bogus meeting.

Sharon had nominated Darren after a family's thankyou card for the compassion he showed to their mum in her final days. The family hailed him "an angel"  for making such a difference to her care when she was very, very vulnerable.

Sharon's nomination said: "Darren received a card  from the family of a patient. Darren was involved in her journey from theatre back to the ward. 

"She was seriously unwell at this time and was drifting in and out of sleep, according to her family. Darren said he would go to see her after his shift and stayed true to his word. Sadly she had passed away about 10 minutes before he had arrived. Her family go on to say in the card that Darren was the last person to really speak to her before she died and they say he made a difference to her experience and that he stopped her feeling frightened and when she mentioned him her face lit up. They go on to say Darren is truly one of life's angels.

Sharon said:  "He truly made a lasting impression on a patient to her family in distressing circumstances. When patients come to theatre there is a belief that we do not have time to build a relationship as it's such a small part of a patient's journey. However this proves that we can make a difference and make a lasting impression on someone when they are at their most vulnerable."