Hello my name is Gary Miles - one of the latest cohort of new nurses going through induction this week

It's been our pleasure to host the latest nurse induction week here at CHFT!  Our recruits are all pictured in the centre of our montage.

Over the last year we have recruited 193 qualified nurses to CHFT and this is the latest of our inductions for them. They have been deployed to inpatient ward areas and departments across the clinical divisions. We offer all new graduates and starters new to the Trust an enhanced corporate nurse induction. They are welcomed to the Trust by the Exec team, receive elements of mandatory training, meet the education team and are introduced to the preceptorship programme.

And we wish them alll the very best with us!!

One of them, Gary Miles, tells us more about  being  Nursing Times  2017 Student finalist, homelife in Happy Valley  land and  why his cat Thomas is special in the latest of our Hello My Name Is series. 

He's also opened up the family album to share his photos with us all and hails his  acute stroke ward colleagues as a "friendly and supportive" team.


Hello my name is Gary Miles and I live in Sowerby Bridge. I have some amazing friends, family and a partner who have supported me on my journey to train as a qualified staff nurse, not forgetting my cat Thomas who put up with my tantrums during studies (joking).

My friends cannot believe I have started working (having taken a couple of extra years to complete the course due to ill health) my friends joked saying “I was the oldest student at university” and “You could have completed a doctorate in the time it has taken you to complete your degree”…  I say “ha ha, better late than never”.  Five weeks ago I started work at the Trust and I feel very lucky to have been welcomed by such a friendly and supportive team and department! I am excited to be attending my graduation ceremony at university in a week’s time. My Mum asked if she could wear a hat for the occasion, I replied “it is not a wedding Mum, but if you want to wear a hat then go for it!”

What is your position?  Newly qualified staff nurse, on the acute stroke Unit at CRH. 

Summarise your career background? After leaving school I worked in printing. Then I changed career to work in banking for 3.5 years and during my time in banking I realised I wanted to work in healthcare. Therefore, I made a transition from banking into hospitality as this give me more time to volunteer in hospital and social care settings. The volunteering gained me great experience in care before applying to University for my nursing degree. Now I have achieved my Nursing degree and very proud.  I am very grateful to my brilliant friends, caring family and loving partner for all their terrific encouragement and support!!  Also including excellent nursing mentors and the University of Huddersfield nursing team. 

What is the highlight of your career so far?  Attending the prestigious Nursing Times  student Awards in April this year, in London. I was nominated by the University of Huddersfield nursing team, for ‘Student nurse of the Year’ award.  Although I did not win an award, being present at the event and meeting some inspiring individuals was a liberating experience!!  

Sum up your role in three words?  Compassionate, Caring and Committed

What did you want to be when you were growing up? An actor.

Who is your hero/heroine and why?    Ruby Wax – as she's a Mental Health campaigner and actress

When you are not at work how do you relax?  Meet friends for coffee, keep fit and see family and loved ones.

What is your favourite place?  Oslo in Norway - beautiful city!!

What would people be surprised to know about you?  That I met Jamie Oliver and Gino D'Acampo while working in hospitality in Halifax.

For anyone who watched the Happy Valley series on BBC1  I live in the flats and next to the garages where gruesome filming took place.

Twitter or Facebook?   I prefer Facebook, although Twitter is fun