Dump It Don and the Switch Off Squad on their way to you!

He's an unlikely superhero, but ever since Don Mackenzie starred in a screensaver promoting a Trust de-clutter he's become a local legend.

Then he was dubbed Dump It Don - and it stuck. He's been recognised as "Dump It" in the streets, so he became estates' natural cheerleader for their latest campaign.

As the clocks go back this weekend and the winter nights draw in there is a marvellous opportunity for us to save money and not leave unused lights, computers or air-con on when we're going home. 

To help with tips and hints we've a new Switch off Squad in yellow T-shirts which will be touring our sites visiting areas and pointing out where switching off would be appropriate and savings could be made.

A 4% reduction in the energy bill is around £100k so we are aiming for a good start in the runup to Christmas.  It's as simple as switching stuff off so expect a visit to your area or ward over the next few weeks.

Don, our Waste and Sustainabiliy Officer, pictured fourth right with the estates colleagues in the Squad, said: "We can all work together to achieve savings. We all want money at this time to be spent on our patients' care and not on bills where possible. When I first saw "Dump It" I did wonder - but if it works and helps get the message across for estates, then I am very happy with it."