The world needs more Garys - caring CRH security guard collects Star Award!

Compassionate, kind and caring are only a few words to describe Gary Allchin.

Our latest Star Award winner had seen Owen a few times that day already and never thought he would be a recipient.

Gary said: "I am totally speechless for the first time in my life. I normally always have at least something to say. I am totally grateful".

Gary added: "Does this mean I get a star in the sky now?"

Estates' Val Rigg nominated Gary for excelling and going the extra mile beyond his security role.  She wrote: "Since Gary started working for ISS two and a half years ago at Calderdale he has found himself involved in a number of situations where he has gone that extra mile. These involve receiving a commendation from the police and an invitation to an awards ceremony following his actions during an incident at CRH where he showed compassionate care to a number of people at a very traumatic time. He also stayed with a road traffic victim following an incident on Dryclough Lane last year.

"More recently he received a lovely thank you from the relative of a missing gentleman who was visiting the hospital. Unable to find him on the CCTV footage Gary and a colleague went looking for him all around both internal and external and stayed in contact with the relative until she got home and thankfully found the missing gentleman.

"Just last week Gary found himself being present at the birth of a baby in the car park. He has also recently had another lovely thank you letter from parents whose son sadly passed away on Intensive Care unit.

The words are from the recent thank you note from the parents. "It became apparent that he (their son) would only respond to Gary's voice. Hours later he was still with him holding his hand and talking to him. Sadly, he passed away the next morning on ICU, quietly and at peace. Gary's kindness, well beyond his duty will never be forgotten. If the world was full of more 'Garys' what a better place it would be."

Val added: "The security officers in our hospitals are not here just to break up fights, stop thefts and prevent damage. We all work in a caring environment and being able to show such a caring and compassionate side working in this role is a blessing. In the recent situation Gary could well have just stayed in the room to ensure the patient did not cause any damage or harm, but Gary stayed holding his hand and talking to him, ensuring the patient was calm and at peace which must have been such a relief for his parents."