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Issue 138 | 21st September 2017

Theatres were presenting

Packed Nursing Conference 2017 - thanks to Tommy and all our CHFT presenters.

Dementia campaigner and legend Tommy Whitelaw was guest speaker at our Nursing and Midwifery Conference this week  - and reduced the packed room to tears. 
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Stop gowning around: roundup of Discharge Week so far

Going bananas in pyjamas has been entirely acceptable week as they (pyjamas, not bananas) are the very centre of our Discharge Improvement Week campaign.  Non-clinical colleagues were wearing them yesterday to promote the idea that the sooner a patient is up and dressed the better their recovery will be. 
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Unveiling our new-look intranet

Here's your first peek at CHFT's brand new intranet - our first redesign for more than 10 years.  It's been tidied up, trimmed back and generally made easier to use. 
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Very "junior" doctors star in F&SS video premiered at our Nursing Conf 2017

A film starring some of our youngest patients and actors was premiered at our Nursing Conference.  It's for our website promoting the care for our younger patients, and seen through their eyes. The dialogue was based on real feedback and designed to allay fears in the simplest of language. It stars little kids in full size uniforms of doctors and nurses. 
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'Flu's here at CHFT. Two cases in the last four weeks, so good job our campaign starts soon

News from Australia is they're experiencing a bad year for the 'flu this year - and generally what happens there follows us to the UK. Coincidentally, this year's vaccination appears to be the best match for the main strain this year. And with two confirmed cases of 'flu at our hospitals recently, the planning behind the campaign seems even more important.  read more

Kilimanjaro calls

Senior Information Analyst Graham Smith is heading to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for charity.  He has picked the charity Bliss as he has colleagues and friends whose babies have needed special care at the very start of their lives.  read more

Milk and nappies bonanza

Senior Sister Kath Barnes, Staff Nurse Becky Bedford and Family Support Worker Fearn Phillips were overwhelmed by a lovely donation following a very emotional appeal.  PC Sally Clark and PC Dean Wolstencroft  started a social media campaign to raise supplies for a family who could not afford basics for their little new-born daughter.  read more

Docs sit their mocks

Every year we organise the regional PACES (Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills) course for Yorks and Humber trainees.  We  run the course to help doctors who have chosen medicine as the specialty they wish to pursue to prepare for their mandatory PACES examination which they will sit in few months.  read more

Bite sized learning - checking for allergies before prescribing meds

Checking to see if patients have allergies before prescribing medication, means allergic reactions can be avoided. Please read and share the attached bite sized learning with your teams.  read more

All our vacancies here. September Jobs Board.

Senior Finance Manager Administration    read more

CHFT Events

Bradford Go EPR Live this weekend

This weekend sees the culmination of several years of partnership working between our Trust and Bradford Teaching Hospitals, as our Bradford partners go live with EPR.  read more

Korm-along! Next week's menus including curries!

Fancy an Indian? Why don't you try the Korma, or one of the other curries on offer? Or feeling Mexican? Then try the chilli.   Please see the menus attached with much more on offer this week in our restaurants.  read more

Quality Improvement Workshop - 2nd November

There will be a Quality Improvement Workshop for registered nurses taking place on Thursday 2nd November at Briar Court Hotel. The aim of the workshop is to improve ideas into improvement projects for frontline nurses to help build quality improvement capacity and motivation.  read more

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