Gwen's copped our latest Star Award.

"One step ahead", "always trying to improve things", "innovative" and "passionate about her job".

That's just a few words describing our domestic violence lead Gwen Clyde-Evans, our latest Star Award winner.

Gwen is central to the Domestic Abuse Hub in Calderdale Police Station which went live in January 2016 and has played a huge role in the development and daily running of it. Gwen has previously collected a commendation from the Police for her contribution to the success of the scheme (see attached).

Gwen was visibly shocked when Owen and Vicky came to see her at Halifax police station to present her award. "I saw Owen and thought that something terrible had happened. I couldn't stop shaking!"

Here's what her Star Award nominator, Vicky Thersby, said of her.

"Each day Gwen (and Donna Riley, Domestic Abuse Practioner) have a daily discussion around high risk cases that have been presented in the past 24 hours. Gwen and Donna represent all the health agencies in their role and it's a real multi-example of excellent practice and other areas are benchmarking themselves against Calderdale and are quite envious of the system and structure that Calderdale now has in place. We feel really lucky to be part of this Hub. Gwen played a pivotal part in ensuring this commissioned health service was set up from a health perspective correctly. Gwen is passionate about Domestic Abuse and how the Hub and the partnership are supported to safeguard families.

"Gwen has implemented pathways for our staff and other health agencies, updated and reviewed our Domestic Abuse Policy, developed a service to ensure a seamless response to DA across both Authorities and all health agencies ensuring clear and relevant information sharing in order to manage risk, and reviewed training and our strategy to ensure Trust wide adherence  to NICE guidelines. The DA Health Service has established a service that is effective, feeding significant health information into multi-agency risk management  causing no extra time or tasks for health professionals. There has been a reduction in duplication of information resulting in less wasted time and a health workforce who are better informed of the risks posed to patients they are treating. "

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