Are they mad?? Karen and Fran - back for second EPR helpings and loving it!

Having been through the rigours of EPR at CHFT, two colleagues have volunteered for more to help our colleagues at Bradford Teaching Hospitals. (BHFT)

Matron Karen Melling and Fran Howland - our Band 7 on SAU - were invited by the Associate Director of Nursing at BHFT to talk to a group of matrons and sisters regarding our experience of EPR go live- in the run up to implementation and of course our experiences after.

They did a powerpoint presentation which was very well received and  answered as many of their questions as they could.

Karen says: " We tried to be honest and frank about our experience and highlighted positive and negatives of the system but were also able to give them some top tips and hints that we had found useful. We were there for a couple of hours but we felt that we could have talked much more."

They have volunteered to go back if it would help Bradford and if they are free (depending on their own work commitments).

Karen adds: "It was great to visit them and I think the group appreciated our honesty and were grateful for our top tips. There was certainly a lot of note scribbling going on so we hope that we have (in a small way) made a difference.  For me and Fran it was a great experience and would have no hesitation on doing it again."