Hazel's Noble efforts bags her a Star Award!

Ultrasonographer Hazel Noble not only put the patient first... she put his dog first!

Our patient, who lives in Todmorden, had had a triple AAA scan which revealed he had a dangerously high measurement and needed to come to hospital immediately to be seen by a surgeon.

When Hazel - who has worked at CHFT for 40 years, and all in Xray - contacted him, he said he wouldn't come as he had a dog at home which needed to be cared for. Even the GP tried to persuade him to come in but he refused!

So the next day back at CRH superstar Hazel spent more time trying to get this man seen at HRI where the surgeons are based. She then rang the patient again and he was still reluctant saying he needed someone to look after his dog.

Hazel rang round kennels in his area to organise care - not easy as was coming up to a Bank Holiday, and sorted this for him.

Receiving her award Hazel said:  "I'm absolutely shocked. I never thought I'd get anything like this. I'm so grateful to Julie for the nomination" 

Nominator Senior Nurse Julie Longworth, who shed a tear when Owen presented the certificate, said: "This man can now receive the care he needs without worrying about his dog. I don't know anyone else who has gone to such length for a patient.

"You hear all the time about people going over and above, but I don't think I've ever witnessed it quite like this. As soon as Hazel had left the room I just knew I had to nominate her!".

* And CHFT Weekly learned on the day of the presentation that yet another patient had been singing Hazel's praises and when they told her that she was getting an award that day the patient filled up too!


You can nominate any colleague for a Star Award - click here for the form.  Please tell us as much as you can about what they've done, as the standard is high!