Peekaboo Bushers! Jason wasn't Celebrating Success when he picked up his holiday hire car.... but you could be in 2017!

Jason topless! Well his car is!



This is your opportunity to get a-head of the game for this year's Celebrating Success.

(Comms had to laugh when this photo of a certain surgery general manager reached us...  (big thanks to Jason and his missus, transport manager Claire for letting us share it!) 

Jason  might not have felt a winner right there in Tenerife in his snug-fit Fiat .... but all that could change.

Entries are now coming in  for Celebrating Success 2017  which has its gala evening on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 this year.  And it's going to be a cracker.

We've a new venue - Crossley House, Halifax, and a new superstar category as well as all the regulars based around the Four Pillars and the oustanding individual categories!  Can we just remind you to please write as much info as you can in the space and words provided to ensure your nominee has the best chance of being shortlisted. 

Here, last year's winners Maggie Shepley and Carole Hallam - pic attached -  talk about what makes Celebrating Success night so special and some top tips for entering it this year.

What makes a top  awards night?   

Maggie -  Being at an event where everyone is there to celebrate all the hard work that’ s been put in to get to the night in the first place, following recognition from your peers.

Carole - It has to be a posh venue with everyone in their best ‘bib and tuckers’.  But to me seeing frontline staff and directors sitting together at the awards dinner was great and shows how quality work led by staff is valued in the Trust

Outfit: Primark or House of Fraser?  

M - Whatever outfit makes you feel a million dollars..the cost doesn’t matter!

C - This is my chance to get out of my jeans so got to be an opportunity to treat myself to a new frock and of course heels, at 5ft nothing I certainly need my heels

Drink: Fizz or Fosters? 

M - Fizz first for sure.

C -   a nice drop of Prosecco is in order for a night of celebrations but I am afraid it was sparkling water for me as I was driving but that didn’t spoil the fun!

Final dance: New York New York … or a smooch?

M - Got to be New York, New York…’s all about celebrating!

C - There is nothing like a good dance at the dinner with the songs that get us all onto the floor. New York, New York has got to be up there as one of the best final dances

Décor: Balloons or party poppers?  

M - Preferably both – the more glitz and celebration the better.

C - Balloons make a party and boy did we have a good party! The decorations gave the place the atmosphere for the wonderful celebration of everyone’s achievements

Food: Beef or bangers and mash?  

M  -It’s a fairly formal dinner, so has to be beef for me.

C - I just love good food and it certainly was good food on the night

Describe the moment your name was called out?  

M - Absolutely amazing!  First shock and disbelief then complete exhilaration and happiness!

C - There were so many good entries that I was not expecting us to be a winners. So when I heard our names I was thrilled and proud for all the people that had supported the project and the recognition that we had improved care for our patients.  I also thought I hope I can get up those stairs in my heels without falling over!

Go on enter! 

M - “I believe that the encouragement to apply for Celebrating Success should come through Team leaders from good teamwork with achievable goal -setting.  This is even more important in community teams where people don’t always touch base with their teams as often as ward based folk do.”

C - I would recommend anyone that has done some improvement work, however small this may seem, to enter. It is only when you piece together what you have done that you begin to see the impact this has had on improving patient care or staff well-being? If you don’t know what to write, ask a friend as it is often a friend that can see how great your work is. There are always people to help and support you if you need it.