IMPORTANT: Enhanced Care drop ins next week for Band6s and ward managers


Enhanced Care Team Training for all Ward Managers and band 6 Ward Sisters

This evidence-based service offers a unique and effective approach to caring for our most vulnerable patients. The new service is to be introduced here  on Monday 3rd July 2017. All ward managers and band 6s will be required to attend a drop in session. They are:

Monday 26th June:    12 noon -5pm - Forum B HRI sub basement

Tuesday 27th June: 10am -2pm in the Medium training room CRH

Friday 30th June:  Forum B  09.30-13.30 HRI Sub basement

What is an Enhanced Care and Supervision?

Following Lord Carter’s preliminary report of NHS operational productivity (DH, 2015:,  the use of 1:1 nursing care was identified as an area requiring greater consistency and improvement.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust has pioneered this improvement work, called Enhanced Care and Supervision.

Enhanced care helps to deliver consistent and patient -centred care, leads to greater involvement of patients’ relatives/carers and provides nurses with the guidance and support they need to make key decisions to meet the needs of individual patients. A number of NHS providers have already started  using it and we are about to introduce this model of best practice.  

Enhanced care and supervision is an integral part of a therapeutic plan and ensures safe and sensitive monitoring of a patient’s physical and psychological well-being. The aim of this approach is to foster a positive therapeutic relationship whilst monitoring the patient to identify changes in their condition and well-being, and to facilitate a rapid and appropriate response.

Enhanced care will support planned treatment.

Although enhanced care will predominantly be associated with the care of frail older people, in some circumstances, the service will be suitable for inpatients over the age of 16. Patients who are detained under the Mental Health Act (2007) must be reviewed by an appropriate mental health practitioner, and supervision should be delivered by a member of the mental health service team. For all other patients with mental health illness who are receiving a shared care approach between mental health services and CHFT, a joint decision will be made regarding enhanced care and supervision.

The Enhanced Care and Supervision Policy is available on the CHFT intranet, along with the documents required for the day to day operational management of the service ( ). The policy aims to provide a framework for staff working at CHFT to ensure a consistent approach in the planning and implementation for enhanced levels of care and supervision for patients who pose a potential, or actual, risk to themselves or others.

The policy provides clear instructions on how enhanced care and supervision should be implemented. This includes an assessment of risk which will determine the level of supervision required and will facilitate effective care planning.

What is an Enhanced Care Assistant?

An Enhanced care assistant is a skilled nurse who has been trained to look after patients with a cognitive impairment.  They will provide holistic care over a 24 hour period 7 days a week. A team of 20 WTE Enhanced Care Assistants will be available to provide this specialist care. The team are experienced in caring for patients who are distressed and confused, and have undergone intensive training over the past few weeks to prepare them for this highly skilled role. The approach is person centred and aims to establish rapport with patients to promote coping and independence.