In praise of colleagues.. and crunchy nut cornflakes! Our CEO opens up to mark five years at the helm of CHFT

Owen top and  actor Owen below

Owen Williams has now been with us for five years. He joined CHFT on May 4 2012 and, to celebrate,  our CEO has agreed to go under the spotlight in this  all-revealing Q&A  including his fave hospital food... and all about his Hollywood alter ego. 

1 Highlight of past five years

Working with the many, many, great and inspiring colleagues from across the Trust. 

2 Has there been a low point

Sadly, the most difficult point is when there is a need to meet with friends and relatives who have lost a loved one whilst they were in our care. This can be emotionally difficult but it is also very important as it can play a part in helping people take the next steps in coming to terms with their loss.

3  What  makes you smile every day

No matter what may have happened the previous day or night - it has to be the ability of colleagues from across the Trust to come back for their next shift to provide compassionate care. This spirit and commitment should never be taken for granted as it is not universally common in some other organisations. 

4 How does CHFT compare to previous roles

I'm not sure that comparisons are that helpful as context  is always important. All I can say is that I have loved every minute of being in this role and hope to continue for some time yet.


5 Fave meal in hospital restaurants?

HRI - Crunchy nut cornflakes with ice cold full fat milk. 

CRH - Scrambled eggs on toast.  

6  DJ or CEO? What’s best.

Both are about helping people to find relief in some way, shape or form but knowing the importance to people's lives of the care we provide at home; in the community and at hospital - I'd have to plump for CEO. (for those who don't know our CEO did some DJ-ing in his younger days)

7 How was your care with us? (for your achilles and big toe?)

I've not just received care for my achilles and big toe but I've received treatment for my nose together with a couple of A&E visits across both CRH and HRI. Brilliant care all round and I've even received some advice to help with my snoring but still some way to go on that one I think. 

8 If not CEO, is there another job in the Trust you’d like and why?

There's so many so I'll cheat - the ones that spring immediately to mind are Community Matron, Porter, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Oncologist Nurse and Appointment Centre Operative. Why? Because I envisage that no one day is the same which is what I like and would probably apply to many other roles across the Trust. 

9  Fave place in the whole wide  world ....outside Trust HQ?

At home when all my family are there. 

10  and finally……Would you swap places with Owen Wilson?

I regularly do, as no matter where I go, I often get called Mr Wilson. To be fair the similarities are obvious!!