Amazing Endoscopy! Fighting back after the fire

Sheer passion and dedication to caring for their patients has carried our endoscopy teams through after their darkest hour earlier this year.

A devastating fire at CRH caused by an electrical fault could have brought the  service to its knees and even closed it, such was the impact!

But when the going gets tough….

The teams at both hospitals have been amazing in rallying together in the aftermath to keep services going for patients coping with backlogs and cancellations. Both these were made even more difficult during the EPR cutover few weeks.

The fire destroyed a decontamination area at CRH which has meant countless journeys in transport to get equipment between the two sites for decontamination and back again for use.

Senior Sister at HRI Sue Higo said the healthcare assistants working in the decontamination area  have worked tirelessly to increase the number of endoscopes going through the decontamination facility at HRI.  They’ve had to come up with new ways of working to ensure equipment has been decontaminated and available at both CRH and HRI to keep the two units running.   

Without their dedication this simply couldn’t have been possible and although we are having some difficulties with waiting times, this would have been so much worse without the decontamination and admin teams working so tirelessly, going that extra mile and putting our patients first.

Admin staff have also been busy prioritising patients so their care is not delayed and rebooking routine appointments. They have been down to two theatres instead of three with the other converted into a decontamination  area yet  throughout it all the service never closed.

The Admin manager  De’Anne Durkin, said: "  Our teams have kept a smile on their faces throughout it all. Their patients hopefully haven't been aware of any disruption throughout it all over several months now and that is all due to having passion for their work."

She admitted there had been difficult times  - made extra challening by the introduction of EPR and issues with data migration - but the passion carried them through.

She added: "There are times when they have been upset. But that is frustration borne out of the situation not being in their hands. There was a recovery plan in place so all patients are seen in a timely manner and that together with their passion has made all the difference.”

She said they struggled especially as, for the first time,  there had been breaches.

"They have always been so hard-working, so fast-paced and so proactive so to have breaches caused by something out of their hands has been  very frustrating at times. Yet their passion, working together and keeping smiling throughout it all has been totally amazing."

Massive well done to them all!