Lovely lemon drizzle, a s-poo-nge cake and all the truly scrumptious highlights from Nurses' Day 2017

A fab lemon drizzle cake scooped top prize at HRI's Bake Off and there was a stool-pendous offering  from staff on Ward 7B at  the CRH event!

Cakes of all shapes and colours took centre stage - along with CHFT nursing colleagues - last Friday for a day of celebration for Nurses' Day 2017.

Our effort won top praise from Royal College of Nursing of Yorkshire and Humberside and non-nurse colleagues joined in on social media too.

Surgeon Neeraj  Bhasin put "Happy #InternationalNursesDay to the awesome, dedicated nurses who are the heart of the #NHS, especially my fantastic colleagues at @CHFTNHS"

Anaesthetist Tim Jackson put "Proud to work in this #Trust, but massively proud to work with all the excellent nurses there #IND2017 #InternationalNursesDay"

Cake winner Catherine Clough said:  "Winning the bake off was a great surprise after seeing the other competition. I was thrilled of course, but winning is a bit like working on our ward (21). What made that cake a winner was bringing together the right mix of just ordinary, everyday, ingredients all mixed with the correct dose of care and guidance. Baking is not an exact science, not mine anyway! Running a ward seems to be exactly the same. Not too sure how its going to work but when it does its a winner."

Judge Victoria Pickles said "What an absolute delight to be invited to celebrate Nurses' Day and to taste some fantastic baking. Almost impossible to choose a winner and a great effort all round."

Judge Helen Barker added "To follow Owen's theme last week I would say there a line in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that goes….. Truly Scrumptious, truly, truly scrumptious!"