The Chocolate Trial - our clinical trials team on site Monday

Now here's a taste test not many could resist! Saturday is International Clinical Trials Day - and CHFT colleagues involved in clinical research want to share the love and spill the cocoa beans about the importance of research next Monday 22 May.

Every year on 20 May, International Clinical Trials Day helps raise awareness of the importance of research to healthcare and how we have grown in developing high quality research.

Volunteers who agree to take part in the Chocolate Trial will be given one of two types of chocolate, at random, and asked to rate their feelings after eating it. 

The idea is it gives people a chance to understand the consent process and what participating in a research trial is like. 

The chocolate has been generously donated by our Morrison’s Supermarket Community Champion in Huddersfield and the team will be in the main entrances at both sites.

And here’s an interesting fact:

James Lind conducted the first ever clinical trial in 1747 when he developed the theory that citrus fruits cured scurvy.

CHFT has a variety of research studies that people are currently participating in, from paediatrics, cancer, ophthalmology and sexual health and lots more.

Go along, get involved and join in!