Tears - and tea at the Waldorf - as Diane Catlow bows out after 22 years.

A posh trip to London including afternoon tea at the Waldorf Hotel and a Shard experience were among the gifts presented to Diane Catlow at her retirement from community.

She's been caring in Calderdale for 22 years after joining our Trust from St James's Leeds where she was a ward sister.

Friends and colleagues past and present returned to St John's Health Centre, Halifax,  to give her a send off - and  she admits, caused a few tears.

Diane, who has a seven month old grandson called Ted, said: " Seeing colleagues who came in specially brought back the memories of the years and caused a few tears. I feel very emotional, surreal. I can't quite get to grips that I won't be back in on Monday mornning."

She plans to enjoy her time with her family and also joins our Quality Team working with Brendan Brown and Juliette Cosgrove on a part-time basis.

Looking back she said: " It has flown by. I started on a 10-hour staff nurse contract and I am now full-time. It has been an amazing journey and a privilege caring for the families of Calderdale with great colleagues."