Noiseless workshops - your contribution could help in our toolkit design

Our research team have been investigating noise at night in our hospitals, with the aim of improving creating a toolkit for us and other NHS trusts to help improve the experience for patients.

And to make it work they're looking for healthcare professionals and people who have been patients who are willing to take part in two workshops. 

The initiative, led by Professor of Nursing, Felicity Astin and supported by Chief Nurse Brendan Brown, is called “Reducing noise at night on a hospital ward: A Co-Design service improvement study” .......or NOISELESS for short. 

The NOISELESS Team are looking for colleagues whose work takes them on to MAU at HRI at night and also others (colleagues, their relatives or friends) who have been a patient on MAU at HRI and stayed overnight in the last six months to volunteer to take part in two workshops. 

The first workshop will be an opportunity for colleagues to hear more about the results of the research. Sound monitors were left on wards and patients were surveyed and plus to gather thoughts and ideas from attendees.

The second workshop will then pick out the solutions everyone thinks will work to reduce noise or get rid of it altogether.

After this the toolkit will be designed and ward 1 (MAU) will be our test ward.

Colleagues should only attend if they are on a non-working day.

  •  The first workshop is Thursday 25th May 10am-3pm in the Boardroom HRI
  •  The second workshop is on Thursday 8th June 10am-3pm at the Learning Centre HRI

Lunch and refreshments are provided as well as high street vouchers for attendees funded by the  workshop organisers*. 

If you have any questions about the study, or what the workshop will involve, please contact Emma Harris (researched) on or phone her on 01484 473475.

*The work is also supported by University of Huddersfield and the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Yorkshire and Humber.