Congrats and be EPRroud to everyone at CHFT

The last EPR stand-up was held this morning and the entire EPR Programme Team celebrated on the lawn at Command HQ - Acre House.

Together, the team, made of CHFT colleagues, THIS and Cerner have steered CHFT into the new era of EPR. 

Cutover manager, former ED nurse Andi Taylor delivered his last address to them with a message to the whole Trust: "Congratulations on what you have achieved. You can be proud of yourself. That's for the people in here and to everyone across the Trust." 

He said CHFT was by a long way top of the best cutovers he had ever done - " not by a little bit by a long way!" He said our positivity throughout - even when issues were arising - had kept us strong.

"You have pulled together as one team. Everybody has jumped in when they needed to. It's been very impressive."

A Business As Usual team will continue to be based in Acre House to handle ongoing issues, but now the move starts to our partners at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where colleagues there will be logged into the system.

Andi added: "This is the most common go live. It is now tried and tested and all the learning from CHFT will pass on to Bradford." 

** CHFT now brings another positive story about EPR.

Last week we heard how SAU at HRI had grasped it and this week Staff Nurse Suzanne McCrink tells how she went from meltdown to EPR master.

Suzanne said:  "I came out of her EPR training wondering how on earth I was going to cope - yet I'm so glad I was there on day one!"

Suzanne, who works on 3b paediatrics at CRH said: "I went to the initial day of EPR and came away thinking there was way too much information to deal with. And after I'd had my training I was really apprehensive. I think it's safe to say I had a mini-meltdown!

"But I'm so pleased I was there on the Monday and Tuesday we went live. I actually found using the system was much easier than I thought and it was great knowing all my colleagues were all starting afresh too. There was a real sense of team spirit, with everyone pitching in and helping each other out.

"We had loads of support on the ward, and our EPR Friend sister Helen Fineli (see attached) was just amazing, We knew we could go to her with anything - she was just easy to approach and so patient. And she worked well past her shift to make sure we were all supported."