Jackie Murphy is my hero. It's Nurses' Day tomorrow - who's your hero?

It's Nurses' Day tomorrow (Friday 12th) with a hashtag of  #nurseheroes. There's a Bake Off in the HRI entrance and a video booth to celebrate the day so let's get trending.

If you've got events happening then take a smart-phone photo and send to: antonia.crookes@cht.nhs.uk and she'll share around.

In advance, we've asked a few CHFT colleagues who their heroes are.

Jo Middleton's response made Comms go aaaw as she hailed a certain colleague as her hero and model for life...Jackie Murphy!.

Jo, our associate director of nursing for surgery, said: "Jackie Murphy hands down winner for me every time ....Compassionate, authentic, inspiring and exactly who I want to be when I grow up! "

Then in came Mary Nolan's nomination of....... Jo Middleton!

Mary, said: "I wish to nominate Jo Middleton as my super hero Nurse. She is an outstanding Nurse who has wonderful singing skills !! She has been known to serenade our patients on MAU. SHE IS A WORTHY HERO!".


Juliette Cosgrove's heroes include her sister who's a nurse.

She said: " My sister Louise, a nurse, many patients she cared for had a genuine affection for her as  she had compassion in abundance and she laughed a lot.

"Mary Wollstonecraft as one of the first women to advocate that men and women should be treated as equals, a big step towards equality in all areas."


Chief Nurse Brendan Brown's heroes include a world leader and a nurse who inspired his career.

Aung San Suu Kyi  (Burnese politician) who epitomises selfless leadership and steadfast commitment in the face of adversity and oppression.

Second is Sr Di Lancaster - a Ward Sister who inspired me in everything she did. She was a fantastic nurse, outstanding leader and somebody I still aspire to be. I think of her everyday - which is a testament to her lasting legacy as a nurse. For the record she is still alive but now practices in Mental Health. I'm not sure if this was as a result of working with me....!

Deputy Director of Nursing, Lindsay Rudge wants to give all her colleagues past and present a shout-out as "they have continued to inspire me throughout the years." And she singled out Ann Hickox. "Ann was the first hero on my career path, the epitome of professionalism who always put the patients first. She stuck her neck out for them and was courageous."