Balloons, buns and video booths. Photo highlights of last week's International Day of the Midwife 2017

Mary Berry won the Bake Off on International Day of the Midwife last Friday.  As if!!

Our deputy head of midwifery Gail Wright baked MezBez's chocolate reflection cake recipe and scooped first prize in a blind tasting. 

Here's the judges' verdicts!

Owen said: "There's a line in Jerry Maguire where he's says "You had me at hello". Same for chocolate cake I'm afraid - sorry." 

Helen Barker: "Looked great, tasted great and not a soggy bottom in sight."

Other events last Friday included:

* On the Huddersfield Birth Centre there was a top turnout for a celebratory afternoon tea. And as there were no babies early on some of the staff "pretended" to be mums to be with the help of some cunningly placed balloons.

* See our video stars too talking about their love for their career. Click below.

* there was great twitter activity throughout the day.

* our Facebook posts were very well-liked. The video got 11,000 reaches, the balloons up the uniforms got 3,500 and the group pic at CRH got 5,000.

If you missed the action from the video booths - watch it here.