It's Dementia Awareness Week next week

Engagement support worker Samhara Farharra

Two temporary memory trees are being installed to mark Dementia Awareness Week here next week.

They offer people the opportunity to hang a ribbon and write a message should they wish as a living memory. This may be for someone living with Dementia, or a person who has died when they had it. The trees will be in our main entrances.

Our Prevention of Delirium team are working across both hospitals promoting and supporting the week, with activities being held at both sites.

Prevention of Delirium Co-Ordinator Kirsty Jowett told CHFT Weekly: "The engagement support workers have been in post for a couple of years now and are going from strength to strength. They are now able to measure outcomes.

"We want to help raise awareness of Dementia as we know it will touch many people on both a personal or professional level. It's logical that the team support this important awareness week, so look out for us at both hospital sites.

"We have kindly been supported with a donation of two ‘memory trees’ to enable us to offer the opportunity for people to make a small donation which will go back in to the Prevention of Delirium Team (POD) to hep us get more resources for the wards."

Events will also be held all week on wards 5,8,19/20 at HRI. 

You can find more information about Dementia here