EPR hard hats anyone? The challenges and smiles from Week 1.

Stacey Cartwright

There's only one way to start this story ... with a massive thank you to everyone for surviving  and smiling through EPR Week 1.

CHFT has already been hailed for our training, our sign-up, our enthusiasm and our huge Army of EPR Friends.

And now HRI's ED department  has  pioneered this comedy EPR Headwear - a special orange kiddies hard hat for anyone who has felt like banging their head against a brick wall. Consultant Huw Masson brought it in  for the  EPR Queens on ED matron Gemma Berriman and  sister Stacey Cartwright and Gemma posted this pic on the Friends Facebook site.

She said:  "Stacey now has an orange helmet for when she needs to bang her head against a brick wall". She went on to add "She has been amazing!"

Gemma, said: " Initially people were giving themselves a hard time about being slow on the system. But actually they didn't need to. It showed they are understanding the system and getting the system and now it's working really well."

Stacey said: " In a week we have gone from nervous, apprehensive and under confident to being "on it". We are relaxed and have the confidence to support other staff."

The hat was such a hit on Facebook her EPR Friend colleagues were asking if they could order some. Here are some of the reactions of her EPR Friends on Facebook:

Tina Knight: "I need one please..."

Sharon Berry: "Where do we collect them from?"

Karen Melling: "Fab pic"

And Comms loving the slightly alarmed looking colleague behind her!!


We've attached some photo highlights including a special cake, a farewell to PAS message and more photos from the frontline. 

And we also managed to grab Chief Operating Officer Helen Barker and Director of Informatics Mandy Griffin at 7am on Tuesday just before Outpatients opened - see their short film here.