Tomorrow is World Hand Hygenie Day: Fight Antibiotic Resistance



Hand hygiene is important every single day of the year however, in collaboration with World Health Organisation and many other hospitals nationally and internationally there is a single date when there is a focus on a different hand hygiene topic each year.   That date is tomorrow and this year's focus is on antibiotic resistance. 

Stalls will be held at the main entrance of CRH and HRI throughout the day with information leaflets, colouring sheets and information on being an antibiotic guardian.

Infection Prevention & Control Nurse, Sandra Mogford said “Hand hygiene is the single most important measure for the prevention of HealthCare Assosicated Infections (HCAI's). Patient -to- patient transmission of resistant bacteria amplifies the problem of anti-microbial resistance.  Hand hygiene best practices are crucial in reducing the transmission of harmful micro-organisms and can limit or even stop the spread of these.” 

 “Do not forget – just because you cannot see the ‘bugs’ doesn’t mean they are not there.”