We're STAR research recruiters

All Stars

Our medical retina team in ophthalmology have won top praise for their research into possible new treatment options for Wet Macular Degeneration.

The  national lead for a trial Tim Jackson has hailed  our team as  "absolutely fantastic". 

'STAR' is an acronym for Stereotactic Radiotherapy  for Wet Age related macular degeneration.

We are enrolling patients who are not responding to standard treatment for wet macular degeneration onto the study which allows a one-off 'Stereotactic Radiotherapy' session at nearby Sheffield hospital.

Patients will then be followed up every four weeks, for around 3 years, to see if the prevalence of injections decreases from having had the one-off radiotherapy session.

CHFT currently have the highest recruitment into the study of 15 patients, despite the strict entry criteria.

Tim Jackson, the Chief Investigator at Kings College which heads the trial has sent his congratulations and wants other Trusts to be able to come up and visit us.

He has written, saying: " I just wanted to send a big thank -you for all your hard work on STAR. You guys have been absolutely fantastic. At some point we might ask to arrange a recruitment visit to see how you do what you do, to spread best-practice elsewhere. Might that be possible?"

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(You can follow all their activities on their twitter account @CHFTResearch)